Marion York

Let me be your advocate & guide.

Aging with Dignity Takes Planning

Marion offers a private, client-centered consulting service guiding individuals and their families to live well in the knowledge that future wishes and needs have been addressed and a plan is in place.

Marion understands the invaluable role that a trusted advisor and advocate can play. She has personal experience navigating the complexities of the health, community and home care systems and supporting her circle through meaningful discussions and important decisions.

Live. Love. Plan. Together.

“I can’t think of anyone more qualified to do this valuable work. We’ll never forgot all you did – in hard logistics and gentle comfort.”

Richard Longworth

Marion York, CPCA, CEA

Aging with dignity takes thoughtful planning. Let me be your guide.

Marion is a Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA) with specialized training in the key and sometimes subtle challenges associated with growing older. She is dedicated to supporting and empowering older adults to age with dignity by navigating sound planning decisions and transitions. Planning for both anticipated and unanticipated obstacles is an integral part of aging. Marion offers a holistic approach and partners with families to offer choices, help make decisions and deliver solutions.

Navigating the complexities of the health care system and a loved one’s journey, she helps facilitate discussions, updates plans, liaises between professional advisors and keeps the family informed so that adult children may have peace of mind and confidence that their parent is being well looked after.

Marion quickly builds trusting relationships and can set priorities and move plans forward. She will spend time coming to understand the unique details of your life including:

  • Health and wellness status
  • Preferred living arrangements both now and in the future
  • Physical safety
  • Lifestyle preferences
  • Social Interactions
  • Legal and Financial Preparedness

All to ensure your best care.

When You Work with Marion

When you work with Marion, you’ll have a trusted guide and advocate who will navigate the many complexities in the health, community and home care systems, and she’ll support you through often difficult discussions and decisions.

Whatever your aging planning needs are, Marion will be there to guide you and walk alongside you every step of the way.

Marion manages private clients and offers private consultations.

Age With Dignity & Choice.